Trapez 160 - Alex Under - Gravedad

"Gravedad Cero" is a deep sea dweller. There is urgency in the movement of the beat and sequences pass by like fish disguised as packmen. "Gravedad Cero" is a sublime track with moments of ecstatic raving. We can’t wait to hear it in a club.

Track 2 "El Reloj" kicks off like a new alias of the Plastikman but after the break mutates into an hi-energy arpeggiator techno track. The change is the key to the uniqueness of the track and has seen ravers flying through the air when Alex Under played the tune live.

The last track "Gravitacion Con Vistas" is a track motioned by a walking bass and feedback and lots of spacious sounds. If you are looking for a composition you can search all day... "Gravitacion Con Vistas" is a "real time" jam... certainly with that trance feel that is fascinating and super cool.

Release date Beatport:   10. November 2014
Release date Digital:      24. November 2014

1. Gravedad Cero

2. El Reloj

3. Gravitacion Con Vistas

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