Trapez 161 - Fractious & Stefano Pini - Renegades EP

After releasing his "Undermood EP" with us in 2013 and his "Allspark EP" in May 2014, we are looking forward to more of Fractious intensive rhythm programmings with embedded short breaks and self made sounds.

For his new release "Renegades EP" he teamed up with Italian producer Stefano Pini. Stefano has collaborated already with artists like Dema, Mark Ramsey, Phunk Investigation and Daniele Petronelli.

Their opening track "Renegades" is a loopy dark track that is powered by intuition, sneaking in sounds that stick closely to the beat like parasites. "Indip" instead is more open for a diversity of sound such as African percussion, tribal voices, big horn sounds and in the end makes it a more uplifting tune.

"Luga" is even more funky in it's programming but at the same time includes an urgency you know from classic Detroit and Post Detroit techno… working with an amazing determination to create the soundtrack for a chase.

Grasso & Maxim being heavily supported by Adam Beyer and Dubfire have remixed "Renegades" with more focus on percussion and despite its heaviness have given it a nice trippy edge.

Loco & Jam have already done a remix for Trapez, this time their remix of "Indip" moves the happiness of the original towards a more apocalyptic sounding track.

Hungarian producer Son-Tec has remixed "Luga" in a funky manner working towards a breakdown that uses teutonic sounds.

Release date Beatport:   08. December 2014
Release date Digital:      22. December 2014

1. Renegades

2. Indip

3. Luga

4. Renegades
    (Grasso & Maxim Remix)

5. Indip (Loco & Jam Remix)

6. Luga (Son-Tec Remix)

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