Trapez 162 - Vincent Hole - Breach EP

Vincent Hole was based in the USA for a long time and is pretty much a new face we have taken up on Trapez.
His music is emotional without being too clever and all (arrangement & elements) falls in place as if meant like this in the first place. The opening track "Repulsive" is a heavy and mighty jacking tune that puts joy next to devastating kick drums and sequential madness.
If there is a track that works on all PAs of this world it is this seemingly raw but distinguished sound design that has lots of appetite. We love it.

"Minimum" has a more industrial flair with tons of reverb, haunting sounds and noises and definitely interesting for all who like the Harvey McKay on Trapez.

Mike Mass has written a kind of darkish apocalyptic tapeworm of a remix. All of the time it creeps up to you in waves, some urgency in siren sounds that are triggered by tightly looped sounds that descend in the course of the track. Indeed this is and organic masterpiece... always feeding back to itself... like a locked hermetic system. As legendary Tresor DJ Tanith used to say: „techno is all about „fiese Töne“ (techno is all about nasty sounds)“.

The French project The YellowHeads have remixed "Minimum" rather straight, repeating moments, waiting to place their additives in the shape of manipulated 303 sounds just at the right time! This is not for the weak.

"Generators" the third original by Vincent Hole is the deepest of his tracks on this EP, quite hypnotic and warm sounding and soothing. This track evokes a feeling, like you have in a waiting room. All is quiet but each person is concerned with something mentally and therefore radiates a certain kind of tension.

"Terminal Tone" is a grinding heavy techno track, sort of the nasty brother of "Repulsive" if something like that exists. The forward motion of the groove is slow, moving by the quarter of an inch. It is a real punisher for everyone who looks for a change or something fancy.

The last track of the EP, "Breach" is a bit of an experimental, slow beat, roaring acid track which we think is really cool!

Release date Beatport:   19. January 2015
Release date Digital:      02. February 2015

1. Repulsive

2. Minimum

3. Minimum (The YellowHeads Remix)

4. Minimum (Mike Maass Remix)

5. Generators

6. Terminal Tone

7. Breach

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