Trapez 163 - Frankyeffe - Hero EP

Frankyeffe released his "Hoch" EP with us on Trapez a good year ago and this is his newest invention!

The EP kicks off with "Bla Bla" and has the specific percussive quality which reminds us of early Plasticman releases.
The track is a rush of adrenaline and shows nice contrasts between the main and existential elements: bass heaviness, percussive acoustic and tight looped vocals. The dynamic of the track comes in waves increasing the tension and then letting it evaporate in a nice way.

"Hero" is a one if these mail coat tracks in techno. The track has a long repetitive intro before it starts to introduce beat variations and a change of color in sound. These elements add a hypnotic note and include some minor beat explosions making it a great DJ track!

"Spazio" heavily juggles with percussive sounds right in the beginning and makes an impact on techno funk drum computer programming later on, while dropping some UFO sounds that draw mystic into the track. The track is pretty raw and that is pretty nice!

Release date: 23. February 2015

1. Bla Bla

2. Hero

3. Spazio

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