Trapez 167 - Piatto - Astralis

With Piatto Trapez has signed one of he most prominent Italian techno producers, who is also a founding member of Italo Business and who has years of experience from which his trax draw their originality from.
For us Piatto is a tastemaker, his music shows great knowledge of how to write and record music. His choice of sounds is superb.
So here we go with two originals plus a remix by a person of his choice.

The EP kicks of with "Astralis" a massive piece of hypnotic techno, with sounds deep inside which change their rhythm and direction with poise. Piatto manages to establish a shelter with his music.
His clear language is message to the world of music, choose your sound with care - less is more.
„Astralis“ is a massive piece of techno.

"Data Failure" is one of these tracks that has a blazing effect to it and may express claustrophobia. Music which dances on waves of fog with ease. Music like a laser or a proton gun.
The synth sounds are somehow classic for a genre in techno that we love so much originating from early Detroit Techno (Terrence Dixon, Robert Hood etc.) as well as the more experimental version by bands like Pan Sonic and Mono Junk we always supported.

Lorenzo D’lanni has remixed "Data Failure" and has chosen a massive kick drum and a different kind of motion /acceleration of the main synth sequence, making it sound more rave.

Release date Beatport:   06. June 2015
Release date Digital:      22. June 2015

1. Astralis

2. Data Failure

3. Data Failure (Lorenzo D´Ianni Remix)

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