Trapez 168 - Reinier Zonneveld & Axan - Make Me A Promise

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We are excited about this release since we have worked with Reinier Zonneveld on Trapez, Traum and MBF LTD before and we see in this alliance with Axan a great duo which gives innovation and joy to our label.

The EP starts with "Loophole" which we think is a new interpretation of great Dutch techno as we know it from the brilliant Stefan Robber project Terrace.
Big techno sounds that clash nicely, flying open hi-hats that open up the acoustic roof of the track and take us on a rampant trip through dimly lit dance floors. The track is a huge rocker!

"Make Me A Promise feat. Aymar" directly constitutes from the start a high level of refreshing energy in form of a lively dialogue of very diverse and intense sounds.
These come in so naturally that they seem almost recorded in real time which benefits the super flow of the track... but we will never know for sure!
The effect on the dance floor has been sensational since the track takes the raver by the hand and throws him from one corner into the next.
There is no way you can prepare yourself for the action coming from Reinier Zonneveld & Axan.

"Wake" is a track on alert, driving through traffic with authority it changes direction without the flick of the eyelash. Energy pure and raw! It expresses pure love for techno.

"Filth On Acid" is a great acid track that keeps the modulation restricted and makes drastic changes so it keeps the sensation alive so that anything can happen. This is part of the secret of their music, to make the right switches at the right time and to have the sounds all working together so well. Another top tune by Reinier Zonneveld & Axan.

Release date Beatport:   13. July 2015
Release date Digital:      27. July 2015

1. Loophole

2. Make Me A Promise feat. Aymar

3. Wake

4. Filth On Acid