Frederic Stunkel - Eloquent - Trapez 174

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Frederic Stunkel has already recorded for Italo Business, Reload, Yellow recordings and more. His releases were supported by Marco Carola and other bigger names but it was his demo which impressed us most.
The Bavarian producer started his career as a DJ and releases with us this 3 track EP...

Frederic’s EP opens with the tile track "Eloquent". Pure techno with a classic build up, yet it is so tight and mathematically precise that is throws a chill on to your skin. Stunkels production skill is overwhelming each sound is generated to its purpose and highly effective. And since he is not only a good producer but also has great composing skills his breaks will make any seismometer run havoc. Lets go for a large tremor!

"Clarity" by its title coins one quality of Stunkel right from the start. Mr Stunkels clear language is one of the convincing aspects of his music. Frederic Stunkels mission is to take us to the next energy level without detours.

"Nero" is the track that started it al for us, the first track of his that made us phone him up straight away when we heard it. This track is more of a story, it has more diversity, more u-turns, more breaks… it has more of everything and still one things remains it is a true Stunkel rocker.

Energize your DJ sets with Stunkel you won`t regret it!

Release date Beatport:                  18. January 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    29. January 2016