Unspent - Supplementation EP - Trapez 175

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The duo has been playing live and releasing for some time now, but we became aware of them through their tasteful selection of sounds in a remix they have recently done. Unspent are definitely tastemakers in the field of energetic deep techno. They bring aesthetic sound and functionality together and combine them to an overall wall of sound that is powered and energized by a gigantic drum ensemble.

"Reminiscence" is such a track in which you can totally loose yourself in and which sees the sounds free-climb your body step by step.
Unspent create depth by layering sounds in a delicate way that is comprehensible.

"Potassium" carries a dubby note but is all in all a true techno believer that shivers and quivers through drum programmings that express a stop and go feeling which is very sensual. Their arrangement shows how skilled and experienced they are when they introduce new elements in the last third of the track that make your day.

"Lithium" is the last track of the EP and a real corker of a techno track. Rough, nasty, distorted and as slick as a rusty nail… it is a track you don’t want to try to challenge because it will not let you.

Release date Beatport:                  08. February 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    19. February 2016