Fer BR - Jack EP - Trapez 178

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The Spanish born producer and DJ Fer BR has influenced the techno scene from 2000 on with his releases on m_nus in 2014 and on Paco Osuna’s label Mindshake. He also produced a Arjun Vagale & Ramiro Lopez remix for us.
And so now a full length 6 track ep is the consequence.

The EP starts with "Say What" a mighty onslaught to the dance floor with some short eruptive freak out sounds, staccato vocals and hissing hi hat parades. This track is as unreal as deep sea creatures. "Say What" is dadaistic techno or just alien whatsoever... it is brilliant in the way it feeds your brain.

"Jack" is a nervous dude someone who cannot keep his hands still but has to toy around with things while he is already aiming at something else. This is techno gobbling up its own sounds, cannibalistic and so true that it can happen in each S-Bahn carriage in Berlin.

"Gadgets And Buttons" starts where "Jack" ended. A "tour de force" which drops a new gadget every 10 seconds to keep us happy (not to forget the breaks!) and that works very well. Please shut down you brain and move your feet to this S-Bahn beat. "Cubism" is pitch shifting sounds as if it was a piece of service in your local post office and space-sounds drop like sweat from the ceiling on your forehead splitting up in an army of smaller ones. This is techno heaven for the people who like to stare at their tongue while dancing. Come on dance the square, dance to "Cubism".

Remixes come form no one less then Justin James and Sean Random.
The first one (Justin James) has written a remix which is a hybrid of machine music on the one side and mutant disco on the other. Great continuum and some nasty noisy cascades in this remix that will squeeze out the life of every dancer for 6:16 minutes and maybe linger on in the nervous system for some hours.

Sean Random has also chosen "Cubism" for a remix. The result is very different, more bouncy, more at ease but at the same time very very heavy with a monstrous warm sounding baseline leveling the plants surface in one day.

Release date Beatport:                  09. May 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    20. May 2016