Piatto - Depth Charge - Trapez 179

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Piatto "Depth Charge" (Trapez 179)

We are big fans of Piatto’s last EP "Astralis" on Trapez and so had to ask him for a followup and ended up with nothing less stunning!

Piatto is a master of celebrating singlehanded frequencies that modulate and then slowly blend with other frequencies to create a subtle tension.

Piatto - Depth Charge

With his track "Depth Charge" he also shows melodic finesse in the way that he manages to build a bridge between night and day through a stunning melodic theme.

Piatto - Desert Zero

"Desert Zero" is a dryer companion in the beginning but in the course of the track incorporates post Detroit chords and silent vocals which raise the level enormously.

Piatto - Karmatone

"Karmatone" is a modern acid track with a massive baseline and dead cool sound coming from the inside to appear just for a glimpse. Fantastic!

Piatto Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  06. June 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    17. June 2016