Alex Long - Mondo Kalliopeo EP - Trapez 180

Alex Long "Mondo Kalliopeo EP" (Trapez 179)

Alex Long’s music was featured on Adam Beyer’s Fabric compilation and is constantly supported by a fine selection of artists ranging from Stephan Bodzin, Misstress Barbara to Paco Osuna.

His Trapez EP describes a voyage from the deeper fields of techno "Mondo Kalliopeo", via the hypnotos state of "Enupela" to the more dramatic "Oberos".
Words like „timeless“ and „eternal“ describe his music best.

Alex Long - A life in an industrial suburb

Alex grew up in an industrial suburb without any internet or music magazines and record stores. An almost animalistic instinct and longing for music was supported by what the radio stations carried at that time.
„The fascination for synthesizers was big, the disconnection from them impossible!“ he says. When you hear his EP you can hear that all sounds are very well chosen. You can see a lot reflection and a tastemaker at work.
As Alex says: „There are no compromises... only new options which we find along the way“.

Frederic Stunkel remixing "Oberos"

Last but not least we have a remix by our Trapez artist Frederic Stunkel who released his solo EP "Eloquent" with us in January. He chose Alex’s track "Oberos" for a remix.
Frederic has transformed the bouncy trax like original pretty much though his mighty industrial flair of hard hitting beats and heavy deep bass. In addition the feel of paranoia and darkness goes along well with the linear structure of the track which runs controlled and steady.

Alex Long Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  04. July 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    15. July 2016

Available at: