FAC3OFF - Extra Modular EP - Trapez 181

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Introducing FAC3OFF

In the first two years of his career newcomer FAC3OFF has already been charted and played by artists like Carl Cox and UMEK. So expect him to have a sense of how to get into peoples heads.

"Extra Modular" by FAC3OFF

The EP kicks off with "Extra Modular" which is a heavy duty track making use of sounds that have a similar vibe as those of one of our favorite producers of the past: Joey Beltram and his bestseller "Metasm". Loud and heavy synth sirens cut through with an alarming quality.

"Dynamic Winds" by FAC3OFF

"Dynamic Winds" is a mighty groove construct that can transport virtually anything. The chord stabs which are dropped here are enough to enhance this track and keep the hypnotic groove going.

"Kalaharis One" by FAC3OFF

"Kalaharis One" uses old school synthetic "insect swarm sounds" to counteract nice acoustic percussion recording. Altogether creating a great polyryhthmic groove and sensitivity!

"Endless Silence" by FAC3OFF

The last track of the EP "Endless Silence" articulates with heavy drums & repetitive sequences skillfully a fantastic industrial bleakness.

Fac3Off Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  15. August 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    26. August 2016