Dani Sbert - Enemy EP - Trapez 182

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Introducing Dani Sbert

Dani Sbert is a global techno artist. His music is played by every top DJ you can imagine, needless to say his production is flawless. So with his new "Enemy" EP expect nothing less than a powerhouse of techno music… a pressure cooker for the senses.

"Peldaño" by Dani Sbert

"Peldaño" is great raw techno with stubborn sequences that tremble in the shadow of mighty beats. Hi-hats keep hovering over the sequences like helicopters occupying the sky. A suburban knight. This is what techno is about, a pillar of strength you can hold on to when you need it.

"Enemy" by Dani Sbert

"Enemy" is more jumpy and carries more nervous energy than the opening track. It has that quirkiness that runs against the heavy beat structures to establish a nice antagonism we know is so important in music.

"Sorry" by Dani Sbert

"Sorry" is the „melodic“ techno track on this EP manifesting a fascinating collective feel. Especially the breakdowns build up a tension you don’t want to miss and it is a real highlight on this release.

Dani Sbert Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  09. September 2016
Release date Worldwide:               23. September 2016