Frederic Stunkel - Initial Situation Of Art - Trapez 183

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Initial Situation Of Art by Frederic Stunkel

"Initial Situation Of Art" is Frederic Stunkel’s second release on Trapez.

Frederic Stunkel "Be Different"

The EP kicks off with "Be Different" a heavy dark hairy monster with teutonic beats and synth sounds that show through every possible crack of this tight composition.
Expect this to be a piece of modern techno that invites you to dance or do drive along a lonesome road at night.

"ARP Part" by Frederic Stunkel

Frederic’s track "ARP Part" is heavy duty techno in every respect. His synths sounds like gigantic bees and his kicks can rip up the pavement on which you are walking while you are walking. Great groove, great attitude... this is fun to play and to shower in.

Frederic Stunkel "Smuggler"

"Smuggler" carries a lot of sounds and equally has the impact on the beats that can pull you through fantastic acoustic debris.
A track that can absolutely envelope you!

>>> click here for the live video of "Smuggler" <<<

Carlo Ruetz remixing "Be Different" by Frederic Stunkel

The remix of "Be Different" comes by Carlo Ruetz who has record for Minus and Noir and who has elaborated here on the melodic side. But don’t think it is a mellow remix since his baseline is heavy.

Frederic Stunkel Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  14. October 2016
Release date Worldwide:               28. October 2016