Hidden Empire - Trident EP - Trapez 184

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Introducing Hidden Empire

Hidden Empire is a duo from Cologne/Bonn which recently released a melodic remix for Dovim on Traum and who also contributed a split EP and a full solo EP, including a remix for Oliver Koletzki on Stil Vor Talent.
We meet the guys some time ago in our studio and agreed with them on a 4–track EP with unreleased techno trax.

"Trident" by Hidden Empire

The EP kicks off with "Trident" a finger-licking arpeggiator driven powerhouse of a rocker. Fanfares spit out mighty melodic messages that linger on like clouds before they get consumed by that steamrolling beat of theirs. The message is simple and clear: its time to „move you body“!

Hidden Empire and "Thunder Cat"

"Thunder Cat" is a techno track, defined by strong acceleration and continuation on all levels and elements, that proves to be a seductive and hypnotic tool for the dance floor! It rises to the occasion and there are well chosen moments where the synth freaks out and turns toward mayhem.

"Computer Music" by Hidden Empire

The third track is simply called "Computer Music" and it is a perfect instrument to stimulate your nervous system and hence your Germanic dance moves.
It is a hybrid of a discoish corrupted synth and some rather bold nautical horn sounds that navigate you through the busy beat construction site.

"Hidden Empire´s "Arkane"

"Arkane" closes the EP with an mysterious strong dark rave tune. It mighty as well turn out to be your favorite track. "Arkane" has a sepia awareness to it, a feeling that is expressed by what could be a travel through unnerving areas filled with the debris of modern society and the desire to cross the border into a dangerous and forbidden place.

Hidden Empire Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  11. November 2016
Release date Worldwide:               25. November 2016