Various Artists - Embark 08 (Mixed By FAC3OFF) - Trapez Dig 08

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Welcome to Embark 8!

The "Embark" compilations are a pillar of our label reflecting on what we have released in the past year. A selection of some of our finest pieces of techno."

Our new "Werkschau" features a track by our pioneer Alex Under, it includes heavyweights such as Dani Sbert, Marc Houle as well as a lot of new discoveries and people who transport the techno feeling into "Now".
We want to mention here: Exparagus, The Rares, XAB, our new discover Maharti, analog wonderboy Ümit Han and certainly FAC3OFF who has mixed the compilation and who has been a constant source of energy for TRAPEZ being recognized by some of the greatest DJs around. He has released 5 EPs with us so far and has stormed the Top 10 genre Techno charts in the past on Beatport with his raw but defined soulful techno music.

Release date:                                                                       26. April 2019