Trapez Dig 01 - Riley Reinhold - Embark 01

Riley Reinhold aka Triple R who has released his fine „Selection“ series over the last 8 years on CD herewith gives life to his new „Embark“ mix series.
His first mix highlights some of the best artists and tracks on Trapez but also tracks that have had a tough life getting their deserved attention but will bloom in this mix.
Riley Reinhold has been a tastemaker all his life... from being in contact with radio DJ John Peel/RADIO1) to meeting a lot of legendary techno producers of the early phase... such as Juan Atkins, Dave Clark, Joe Beltram, Mad Mike, Carl Craig, Luke Slater.
Riley is a forward thinking person and a source of inspiration also for the artists on Trapez, so enjoy the mix including current Trapez artists and active forces on the label!

Release date: 21st September 2011

1. Grünbox – Share The Bong
2. Deepchild - Discolight
3. André Kraml - Der springende Punkt
4. Michael Bönig - Tanzviertel
5. McMurdo - Beaufort
6. Taster Peter - Porno Totale (Samuel L Session remix)
7. Leeks - Not so late
8. Deepchild - Stadtkind
9. apendics.shuffle & Dilo (Cascabel Gentz) - Never beat
10. Roland M. Dill - Shadow & Winston
11. Matador – Handbagass (Van Bonn remix)

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