Shosho - Little Prince EP - Trapez ltd 163

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The Return of Shosho

We welcome a new EP by Shosho who had huge success with his first two EP’s on Trapez ltd storming the charts.
So we are looking forward to also seeing the somewhat more hypnotic "Little Princess EP" in playlist from DJs and fans again.

"Little Prince" by Shosho

The opening track "Little Prince" is an acid experience relying on a hypnotic groove and modulating sounds that keep the signals in a flow.
Occasional firework FX sounds install the fragrance of New Year's Eve and give you that special feeling.

"Outright" by Shosho

"Outright" is a vibrating super funky atmospheric sound capsule. Shosho chooses the form of sample collage to connect loosely associated sounds that manage to work hand in hand to create a vigorous dance experience.

"Somewhere in S.A." by Shosho

"Somewhere In S.A." starts where "Outright" ended but adds more synthetic self generated sounds to the sample based sound culture of his creating more urgency, suspense and madness. All resulting in pure dance floor hysteria!

Shosho Release Dates

Beatport:               27. January 2017
Worldwide:          10. February 2017