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Jacky Monties on Trapez ltd

Giacomo Montanari is know by the name of Jacky Monties and is an experienced DJ for some years now sharing the DJ booth with prominent DJs such as Joey Beltram, PIATTO, Willie Graff etc. His few releases have already seen support by Luciano, Dubfire, German Brigante and others.
He is also a friend of PIATTO who has recorded for Trapez and who introduced us to the newest vocal track of Jacky Monties which we release here now.

"Emotions" by Jacky Monties

The release kicks of with exactly this original by Jacky Monties which could be described as a heartwarming hypnotic piece of techno music. Due to his singing and the modulation sounds the song gains that incredible soothing quality which makes it so unique.

PIATTO's hands on "Emotions"

The first remix comes from PIATTO who gives it a jacking quality with a rhythm programming referring to early Chicago productions, cutting up the vocals and through that he creates an additional liveliness which you cannot find in the original.

"Emotions" remixed by Gianni Sabato

The second remix comes from Gianni Sabato who gained fame by appearing in many top clubs as a DJ and who has recorded for several labels and was licensed by Cassy.
His remix also has a nice vintage feel making use of sequences that by loose association could be referred to as "acid flavored".

Jacky Monties Release Dates

Beatport:                                                                               28. April 2017
Worldwide:                                                                             12. May 2017