Vlokken - Dark Dancefloors - Trapez ltd 167

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Welcome back Vlokken on Trapez ltd

The Irish duo Vlokken release their third EP with us showing again their skill to mix a post Detroit feel with European beat programming.
Their track "Chains" brings together deeper strings with a liking for an ongoing and never stopping groove that is just perfect for the late hours.

Tomy DeClerque remixing "Chains"

"Tomy DeClerque" who you might know for his music on Carl Cox’s label INTEC has remixed "Chains" and has made the track more DJ friendly with his powerful and clear production.

"Piranha" by Vlokken

Vlokken’s "Piranha" sounds more „far away“ than "Chains" and has nice break downs that could work very well with creating a collective feel on the dance floor.

"Poison" by Vlokken

"Poison" comes along with a mighty pounding beat and puts forward that energetic feel reminding us of an early Underground Resistance live performance. At a time when energy was everything!

Vlokken Release Dates

Beatport:                                      26. May 2017
Worldwide:                                   09. June 2017