Shosho - Cosmic Catacombs EP - Trapez ltd 168

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Shosho is back on Trapez ltd with "Cosmic Catacombs"

Shosho is a strong force on our label Trapez ltd and delivers here brand new tracks for our label.
His EP opens with the title track "Cosmic Catacombs", a funky monster of a tech house track that features nice breaks-downs that give the track an additional cool biorhythm.
Shosho through this manages to communicate with the audience in an exclusive but universal way, which in fact is his secret and makes his tracks so popular.

Shosho and Shoker with "Fat Piggy"

"Fat Piggy" was written together with his brother Shoker and is a lot more extreme in its break downs and in generell is more warped and special. This is a track for the advanced DJ and clubber!

"Princess On Action" by Shosho

"Princess On Action" plays with spine-tingling FX sounds and draws from different genres to create a lively dance-biotope. A quality Shosho is famous for and he does it again here and now.

Sergio Parado´s hands on "Fat Piggy"

We asked Sergio Parrado for a remix of "Fat Piggy" and have received a hypnotic monster of a disco groove that leads to a frantic hip-wiggle.

Oscar Barila remixing "Princess in Action"

Oscar Barila has changed his style and presents here a much more techno focussed signature that aims 100% at the crowd. Listen to his version of "Princess On Action"!

Landmark´s vision of "Fat Piggy"

Landmark has remixed music on several occasions for our label Trapez ltd and proves again that he is a skillful writer & producer who can manage to put a track on to another level. His adaptation provides the track with the great physical dimension and a superb percussive quality. This one can rock!

Release Dates

Beatport:                                      23. June 2017
Worldwide:                                   07. July 2017