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Dani Sbert on Trapez ltd with "Empathy"

We have released two harder techno EPs with Dani Sbert on Trapez before, this time his music has a more moody touch which he skillfully gives life to with his track "Empathy". The track has also a psychedelic side to it and travels with an exceptionally ease. A great track.

"Make Me Stronger" by Dani Sbert

"Make Me Stronger" has a dead cool groove to it, wiggling from start to finish. It has you move like a fish in fish tank. A master at work trimming our senses with every step he takes. Great composition, great drama!

"Prosperity" by Dani Sbert

"Prosperity" is a cool techno track but has a sample drop in that gives it that cool retarded edge you want with techno so often. As all trax on this EP it is a magnet for dancers.
Another great EP by Dani Sbert.

Release Dates

Beatport:                                                                       27. October 2017
Worldwide:                                                                 10. November 2017