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Demir & Seyman back on Trapez ltd

Berlin’s Demir & Seymen run their own label Pentagonik and have had several big trax in the past, also on MBF. With "Anticipation" they release their debut EP on Trapez ltd.

Anticipation EP by Demir & Seymen

Their title track "Anticipation" connects to their "Elastic Techno" EP but in comparison carries more understatement and house credibility.
It is a cocktail of explosive acoustic finesse that keeps you 2 cm above the ground doing silly stunts on the dance floor and we totally love it for that!

"Paranoia" instead is a minimalist groover with a lot of understatement. It’s hedonistic but short FX peeks provide the track with a certain insanity.

"Let Go" is a rough player with enough paranoia to feed a whole ranch of cattle.

Last but not least "Morning Dew" provides us with some simmering after hour poison that keeps us slave to the rhythm.

Release Dates

Beatport:                                                                    24. November 2017
Worldwide:                                                                 08. December 2017