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Undercolors first EP on Trapez ltd

We would like introduce Undercolors to you. The duo is well known for their cool grooves that create a joy and lifelines on the dance floor.
People like Marco Carola discovered their quality in the past and here we are with a fresh 3 track release.

"Rummaster" by Undercolors

The release kicks off with "Rummaster" and if this title does not carry enough good humor the track itself will for sure. Prepare yourself for some serious dancing, because the funkiness of the beat is ace and the samples come at you at the speed of light!

"Cachemir" by Undercolors

"Cachemir" in comparison incorporates the feel of Chicago house music spiced up with enough new school sound design to transport it into 2018.
Experience the treasure of pride and joy also with this tune that drops in sound almost randomly and gets away with it.

"Jetlag" by Undercolors

"Jetlag" features a great baseline as we know if from Chicago Acid House and fuses it with a crazy mixture of female + male vocals and loads of short snippets of sounds. Resulting in an effortless hilarious party tune we don`t want to miss.

Release Dates

Beatport:                                                                      23. February 2018
Worldwide:                                                                       09. March 2018