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ALTER EGO EP by Vlokken // "Enigma"

The Irish duo Vlokken return to Trapez ltd for their third EP. Kicking off the EP with "Enigma" it becomes very clear Vlokken want to rock the dance floor with this release. Rough, tough and equipped with an accelerating groove that collects all kind of sick siren like sounds - this track transform truck drivers into mad ravers.

"Paradox" Original and Dub Version

"Paradox" is produced in line with "Enigma" and is equally insane and very close to disperse into thousand single pieces if it was not held together by force. The track comes also in a dub version.


"Mondo" closes the EP with a sonar chamber like sound you might know from some dark industrial techno releases and a 'racing car' like sequence that makes it to the surface in a strong effort.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport                                                   27. April 2018
Release date Worldwide                                                 11. May 2018