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Shosho is with TRIPLE K EP back on Trapez ltd

We welcome back Shosho on Trapez ltd with maybe his most powerful production up to date. Having invested in a new studio you can witness here the result in an explosive acoustic quality that can move the dead.

"Karisma" by Shosho

The EP kicks of with the powerful dubby track "Karisma" that makes occasional excursions into the melodic terrain and shows the quality of Shosho to unify different elements to create a vivid colorful and deep techno house vibe.

"Kanaal" by Shosho

"Kanaal" emerges with a fine tribal beat and psychedelic feedbacks and then surprises with a hi energy theme in the style of Donna Summer’s "I feel Love"! A track that can do damage on the dance-floor and really is a tour de force. It barely gives you time to breathe, so best to put on you're raving shoes and meet the challenge!

"Kompass" by Shosho

The last track of the EP is called "Kompass" and is the most relaxed and chilled tune here and for sure it is a real groover! For all of you who like the dubbed and pschyched out tunes of Shosho’s last EP on our label, that track will be a perfect follow up!

Release Dates

Release date Beatport                                                    18. May 2018
Release date Worldwide                                                 01. June 2018