The Jerichov - Sphere Of Motion - Trapez ltd 180

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Welcome 'The Jerichov' on Trapez ltd!

The Jerichov is a new signing on Trapez ltd and renews the quality of earlier Trapez ltd with a liking for dark but playful techno.

"Sphere Of Motion" by The Jerichov

The 3-track release kicks off with "Sphere Of Motion" a kind and dark and brooding sic-fi piece of techno. Music for the night. Paranoia and reason colliding here in this track to form a tape worm slice of techno.

"Synthetic Room" by The Jerichov

"Synthetic Room" might be more on the moody side but keeps the edgy and eclectic recognition of how sounds develop and transform. The groove is super cool and drags you into the world of The Jericho without much effort. Music for people who have sensors at each side.

"Immunity" by The Jerichov

"Immunity" has an unbeatable funk. With a baseline that devilishly hooky it is no wonder this track moves directly into your blood vessel like a midget submarine and makes all detours possible but reaches the destination point which is your heart.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport                                              23. November 2018
Release date Worldwide                                           07. December 2018