monokompatibel & Ümit Han - Cocktail Injection EP - Trapez ltd 181

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Trapez ltd is back with monokompatibel and Ümit Han!

The project monokompatibel comprises Andreas Kolinski, Michael Wirtz (Frankfurt) and Severin Schultze (Cologne). All three have been involved with the Institut "Fuer Musik Und Medien" in Duesseldorf as part of the "Robert-Schumann-Musikhochschule".

Andreas Kolinski aka AKmusique from Duesseldorf produced the legendary album: "Le Vie Du Lounge“ (Electric Lounge) and worked on albums with known artists like Carlos Peron (Yello), Eberhard Kranemann (one oft he founders of Kraftwerk / NEU) and supervised the development of "Oberheim 12".

They release their debut EP here on Trapez ltd together with Ümit Han who has released on Traum, Harthouse and is running lsbTV from Cologne where he is organizing jam sessions and experimental performances with electronic musicians which are broadcasted on the TV stations: NRWision and Alex Berlin.

monokompatibel & Ümit Han create their own modular sound that is characterized by a timeless yet intelligent 'stress field' between tech-house and Detroit.

"Minimal Sour" by monokompatibel, Ümit Han

The opening analog track "Minimal Sour“ is determined by a rough beat and lots of glitch sounds, pink noise and sounds that create nice small peak moments. There is a lot of fine sound shaping taking place and people who appreciate that aspect of music will find a lot in this track,

"Painkiller" by monokompatibel, Ümit Han

The track "Painkiller" is the most notable track of the EP. It has an amazing breakdown and a simplistic melody that sends a chill through your spine. A perfect track to create a collective feel with people and a track that can rise the energy level to the max.

"Grasshopper" by monokompatibel, Ümit Han

The last track "Grasshopper" is a bass-line driven ghostlike track with wailing sounds told with elegance.

Release date                                                            27. September 2019