Trapez Ltd 100 - Various artists - Trapez ltd 100 Anniversary Edition Pt 1.
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We are celebrating the 100th Trapez ltd release with cool remixes of a lot of our classics and a new label design! A lot of surprises in the match up of original artists and remixers have led to unusual results.
Next to paying tribute to artists who have been with us since the start we also want to introduced two new artists in our rooster: Remerc and Sebastian Porter The remixes see two parts. This is Pt 1.
The release opens with a Remerc remix of Butch’s “Muskatnuss” a track which had the bonus of being obscure and was played by many DJ’s who like the underground vibe. Remerc has indeed played with the playfulness of the remix and has added bizarre small stunts of sounds where there were none, resulting in a super cool bouncy remix.
Roland M. Dill who originally also recorded for Trapez ltd then later switched with his more techno styled track to Trapez has remixed Mihalis Safras track “Interafrica” together with his friends called Mozambeat. They provide it with super drive, havoc going brass sounds... altogether ending up having a lot in common with Roland’s  “Disco Bus” remix!
Detroit born artist Ryan Crosson, once an artist who released a lot for Trapez ltd, sees himself remixed by Deep’a & Biri. What seems to be an odd match up being remixed by the deeper end of Trapez ltd results in to a super funky disco house remix wonderfully connecting Ryan’s “dark side” with uplifting elements of theirs!
The last track on the vinyl sees Mihalis Safras remixing Butch’s track “Earth” adding his irresistible ethno flavoured beat that evokes the original to life again.
The digital extra remixes include Marcus Sur’s remix of “Ah Chord” originally by Worthy of Dirty Bird. Marcus who is resident at “Gold Club” in Essen and who is by nature more on the house tips of things seemed to be the perfect choice. His remix includes cool post Detroit influences as well as progressive interspersed house elements and a huge bassline that is not associated with house and gives his remix the antagonistic extra touch. Think of the early KMS days and Kevin Saunderson’s techno tracks and you can sense what it is all about.
The Italoboyz have contributed with “Rosa Fresquissima“ a very daring track. This track is not for everyone, certainly not for the weak. The vocal parts evoke an image of the early 80ies in New York, with James White & The Distortions improvising with sax and vocals. Let’s imagine this being played out at peak time in a small club... it will drive people crazy!
Follow mate Blind Minded delivers with “Vu Le Vous Parle” a strong analogue beat track with intervals of voices & noises in the background. You would not have expected “Disco Bus” being remixed by Fabrice Lig who has recorded for Trapez ltd under the name of Mauler before, but here you get a bit of an playful Chicago old school style remix by the master. Whoever likes the “Magic Feet” from Mike Dunn or later Daniel Bell’s releases on “Accelerate“... this is what you get here... a super dry funky perspective of that time done in 2011!!!!

Release date: 23rd May 2011

TJ Norris (US) ... Trapez 100: From the very first note this one hundreth release celebrates a pinnacle for Trapez and Butch is letting you have it with the incredible 'Muskatnuss'. Complete with champagne bottles smashing (or at least a glass or two). The beat is in full swing, up up and away! Remerc's Remix is an incredible ride, a horn of plenty, literally and figuratively. And the beat don't stop there. You have the innebriatingly thick chamber of thumping beats by Mihalis Safras on 'Interafrica\' and the always welcome Italoboyz who offer the passionate vocal break with 'Rosa Fresquissima' which i a bit silly playing on stretching the paradigm on tradition of camp village opera. Then there\'s Worthy (rightfully quipped) with 'Ah Chord\ mixed by Marcus Sur and this one soars with flamenco rhythms tempered with techno. An absolutely fly release.

A1. Butch - Muskatnuss
(Remerc remix)

A2. Mihalis Safras - Interafrica)
(Roland M Dill & Mozambeat remix)

B1. Ryan Crosson - Gotham Road
(Deep'a & Biri remix)

B2. Butch - Earth
(Mihalis Safras remix)

Digital 1. Italoboyz - Rosa Frequissima

Digital 2. Worthy - Ah Chord
(Marcus Sur remix)

Digital 3. Blind Minded - Vu Le Vous Parle

Digital 4. Lucio Aquilina - Disco Bus
(Fabrice Lig remix)

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