Trapez Ltd 101 - Various artists - Anniversary Edition Pt 2.

We are celebrating the 100th Trapez ltd release with cool remixes of a lot of our classics and a new label design! A lot of surprises in the match up of original artists and remixers have led to unusual results.
Next to paying tribute to artists who have been with us since the start we also want to introduced two new artists in our rooster: Remerc and Sebastian Porter The remixes see two parts. This is Pt 2.
Part 2 of the anniversary Edition of 10 years of Trapez ltd sees another 8 tracks. Starting with Amir’s take on of Mihalis Safras “Interafrica”, you can imagine Amir doing his tricks he is so famous for on Trapez ltd. Amir creates here a huge “bubble of sound” in which the original is twisted an combined with slightly psychedelic sound design? Get it? Try it! recently being added to the Trapez ltd rooster has given Lucio Aquilina’s “Disco Bus” his funky treatment involving a lot of FX sounds and cutting up the vocals in bits. This is pure fun!
American artist BNZO who has been successfully joined Trapez ltd recently... has remixed Butch’s track “Reshef” and has made it into a big time clubber, sensual and irresistible... for peak time use!
New artist Sebastian Porter has remixed an all-time classic on Trapez ltd “Snapdragon” by Red Robin & Jakob Hilden which has been a real challenge since the track was based on a super strong beat, Sebastian has transferred the original into a hypnotic techno house track.
Mucky Pups aka & Jonas contribute with their track “Ambam“ a super funky house track that reflects a modern approach of house music including vocals and skilful dynamic changes!
David Keno shows here with “Alive” an unreleased track with a selection of nice vocals snippets and cool organs sounds capturing a bit what is known as Berlin house, ranging from early Globus knights at Tresor to the scene in Pfefferberg (Berlin).
UK artist Sam Ball has taken on the challenge to convert Roland M. Dill’s techno flavoured original “I'll be there” into a casual and cool percussive groover and with the result we are all very happy at Trapez.
    San Diego based artists Crowdkillers have done a nice simplified remix of Amir’s track “Rocky Mountain”, stripping it down to the essentials and giving it a cool playful side.
Last but not least we pay tribute to Tokyo based artist Shane Berry who had a huge hit on Trapez ltd in the past. He has given Marcus Sur’s track “Down With The Ship”  his transcendental, post acid treatment!

Release date: 30th May 2011

Trapez 101: Mesmerizing intro from Mihalis Safras w/Amir\'s mix of \'Interafrica\'. It\'s cadence has a hollow jiggle and is ripe for the dancefloor, the percussion is full and frothy. \'Disco Bus\' by Lucio Aquilina is a bit clunky and redundant, not quite ready for wax. Butch again proves that he has the stuff with \'Reshef\' expertly mixed in the hands of BNZO. This track has hints of tropicale without being too flouncy or trite, it\'s dreamy and hard and reverts back and forth without a blink. Red Robin & Jakob Hilden get the party started with the abstract \'Snapdragon\' which uses creative layering and swirly animation to enhance a simulated lift-off...and away we go! Mucky Pups keeps the flare of excitement alive all the way through \'Ambam\' but doesn\'t change it up much. Keno\'s \'Alive is mostly filler for this collection - too \'euro\' sounding off the bat. Taking the stage is Amir\'s \'Rocky Mountain\' which stomps proudly under Crowdkillers control. It\'s background has a bite stronger than its foreground making it perfect for any club scene.

1. Mihalis Safras - Interafrica
(Amir remix)

2. Lucio Aquilina - Disco Bus
( remix)

3. Butch - Reshef
(BNZO remix)

4. Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Snapdragon
(Sebastian Porter remix)

5. Mucky Pups aka & Jonas - Ambam

6. David Keno - Alive

7. Roland M Dill - I'll be there
(Sam Ball remix)

8. Amir - Rocky Mountain
(Crowdkillers remix)

9. Marcus Sur - Down with the ship
(Shane Berry remix)

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