Trapez Ltd 102 - Remerc - Just A Bards Tale EP

Remerc is no new face to the scene. He has been active for quite some time in the German techno scene and has recently remixed Butch’s track “Muskatnuss” on the Trapez ltd 100 anniversary compilation.
He had his breakthrough in 2010 with the track “Tiny Calf” which ended up on the Cocoon compilation “Party Animals” mixed by Marco Carola and Nick Curly.
  Remerc opens his release with “Ruhewolf” a restless funkedelic rocker, with a beat that juggles elements in a loose and totally cool way.
The track is spiced up with elements of “surreal bliss” and could go on forever were there not the limitations of the vinyl.
  On the flipside we find an Hanne & Lore remix that tightens and fattens up the beat and pimps up the basslines. Adding some twisted sounds...making it a clubber par excellence.
  “Just A Bards Tale” is a unique Remerc track and stands out from all the productions he has done so far. Here New Wave coloured edgy vocals meet a post-Detroit string-chord arrangement.
Sounds adventurous and daring? Well it is to some degree... but recall “No More Words” by Carl Craig from 1991 but executed in a dead modern way.

Release date: 27th June 2011

A. Der Ruhewolf
(Original mix)

B1. Der Ruhewolf
(Hanne & Lore remix)

B2. Just A Bards Tale

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