Trapez Ltd 103 - & Jonas Fahz - Square Wave EP

We are happy to have a follow up of on Trapez ltd in collaboration with his fellow mate Jonas Fahz. The duo has released together already under their pseudonym of Mucky Pups on the Trapez ltd 100 anniversary compilation in May.
Their a-side “Welcome To My House” features again a “jack” track, produced and written this time by a whole team including:, Jonas Fahz, Peter Eilmers and featuring Nick Maurer on vocals.
Bringing together old school and new school this was also the idea with’s debut a-side track “Teach Me House”.
„Welcome To My House” instead has more of a live jammed attitude to it... in this respect it is meaner, rougher and tougher as the predecessor! The alienated and twisted voice of Nick Maurer adds a psychedelic feeling that keeps you making funny faces to yourself .
“Delgardo” has been a long time favourite of and Jonas, it is an approved dance floor track, and indeed a slow moving... but funky rocker. Fuelled by vocal snippets and Fx sounds... the beat goes non stop “beat non stop”!
“Elephant Blues” is the favourite track of and a bit of a mad and deadpan track. Fitting very well to the actual chart breaking tunes that spread like a virus in the underground scene, this could be the most modern of the three tracks. Equipped with a strong drive, whipping its percussion line into oblivion it is a sexy track.
The original 3 tracks are  supported by Alex Piccini with a cool post Detroit remix of “Welcome To My House” and well as Heartik who has speeded up “Elephant Blues” turning it into  a cool “techno- rush” of a track.

Release date: 11th July 2011

A. Welcome To My House
feat. Peter Eilmes & Nick Maurer

B1. Delgardo

B2. Elephant Blues

Digital 1. Welcome To My House
(Alex Piccini remix)

Digital 2. Elephant Blues
(Heartik remix)

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