Trapez Ltd 104 - Grünbox - Cafetero

The return of Grünbox was planned for a long time.
After releasing on Trapez (regular) his sound has turned towards cool techno house, so we have pulled him on Trapez ltd to feed the hungry Trapez ltd fans.
For all of you who are not acquainted with Grünbox aka Leo Grünbaum. He has been very active over the years, has worked with Drum & Bass artists, Alex Under, with us and lately also released a remix for Loco Dice label Desolat.
Grünbox is a real artist, uncompromising and always striving for the artistic value, lately has worked towards funky arrangement that incorporate the feel of his hometown Buenos Aires as witnessed on his "Share The Bong EP" (Trapez 110).
"Cafetereo" we would say is even catchier and fits very good to the sunny summer we are enjoying right now.
The title track "Cafetero" with the superb vocals of  Nash Zorin is an open air comrade, a real package of fun one does not want to miss. But it would not be Grünbox if "Cafetero" would be the only big tune on the release.
Please listen to the wonderful ""Count to 3" which sounds as if a bathing beauty would do a "sing along" in a shower, while the tribal beat keeps coming stronger and stronger.
  "Mind Cue" comes in two versions and keeps a nice balance of beats and vocals.
  Last but not least "Heart Cue" is a bit of an outsider... sounding pretty different compared to the other tracks... more electronic and static, a bit like a apocalyptic "b-version" of a James Bond Soundtrack... so for all of you who want a bit more of an urgent and dark feeling, please tryout  this track.

Release date: 22nd August 2011

1. Cafettero (feat. Nash Zorin)

2. Count to 3

3. Mind Cue

4. Mind Cue (Peta mix)

5. Heart Cue

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