Trapez Ltd 108 - Nick Olivetti - Hectic Guitar

Nick Olivetti is no newcomer, he has already released under the name of Nick Olivetti on Kling Klong two times before and delivers his 3-track debut EP on Trapez ltd now, adding to it three strong remixes.

Nick Olivetti favours a combination of jumpy tempo reflecting minimal and techno house keeping his composition lively including rather surprising changes in composition at some times even surreal.

He is occupied as he said working with guitar sounds and was voted into the top 5 of the Radiohead remix competition some while ago, which he is very proud of.

So please lend him your ear and dive into the world of “Hectic Guitar” maybe the raviest of his three tracks... which shift from craze to an hypnotic state.

Mihalis Safras has written a super strong remix of “Every Minute Of it“ including Nick’s catchy female vocal and heavy drum, a really big tune.

  Alli Borem’s remix is a bit more on the modern side of house more gentle and glamorous whereas Chase Buch has created more of a mixture of both and has worked together with Nick in the past.

Release date: 19th December 2011

1. Hectic Guitar

2. Every Minute Of It

3. Every Minute Of It
(Mihalis Safras remix)

4. Every Minute Of It
(Alli Borem remix)

5. Every Minute Of It
(Chase Buch remix)

6. Going To Try

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