Trapez Ltd 109 - Arjun Vagale - Danger Mouse EP

Arjun Vagale is undoubtedly one of the uprising stars in the Indian electronic dance scene.
In 2004, Arjun partnered with two close friends to form what would rapidly and unexpectedly become India’s hottest live act – Jalebee Cartel.
With its genre-bending sets the band has generated the biggest buzz ever, being featured in DJ Mag, MixMag, Rolling Stone, and Elle Magazine’s list of 100 Rising Stars.
Arjun Vagale has been in the Beatport top 10 & 30 top charts, being supported by the likes of Sébastien Léger & Wally Lopez, Kaiserdisco, Madskillz, Mihai Popoviciu, Steve Macas well as the top league of UK finest DJs.
He has been very successful, with his releases on Baroque, Vapour, BEEF, Mashtronic, ALiVE, Frequenza, Proton, Neurotraxx Delux, Platipus and Ostwind. Jalebee Cartel and British label Excentric Muzik (Reset Robot, Capriati, Fergie) and his combination of house music with a techno feel is just what Trapez ltd always aims at.
He has specially written for Trapez ltd three strong grooves that will appeal to many DJs, combined with trippy sounds, surreal but well balanced and in the end always creating arrangements that focus towards a catchy but often abstract lead theme.
Drawing from that info you might get the feeling he is quite unpredictable in a positive way and that is what made him famous, his skill to combine different aspects of electronic music in a relaxed and cool way. Track of his flow like a river and obstacles are welcome, feel at home.
The release for Trapez ltd opens with "Danger Mouse". A track that has the feeling of old Chicago house, all dirty and groovy, with a lot of feeling and know how of how to get this across in modern dance music, making the connection to modern trippy techno house in a genuine way that is 100% authentic and establishing him once again as a great writer.
The  track "The Second Nutcase" is a track which behaves like a tropic environment... sounds coming from all sides... a kind of steadiness in all of them recreating a hypnotic irresistible groove! Making small moves within the arrangement, as well as having the courage to create cool long breaks… all that establishes a sensitiveness with the clubber in the course of the track. A great track to DJ.
"Indian Shot" is the deepest track of all three and certainly for the people who know… it is ethno/percussion based and moves towards a peak which is shaped like an onion of a noise, all layered and heavy, that disappears as quick as it has come to be accompanied by a sweet 60ies flavoured small melody loop that brings great joy.

Release date: 30th January 2012

1. Danger Mouse

2. The Second Nutcase

3. Indian Shot

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