Trapez Ltd 110 - Samuel Dan - Feeling Good EP

Debut release from Samuel Dan who's post Detroit style fits in neatly with the post-jack feeling of the Trapez ltd releases.

Samuel Dan has written a very fine soulful EP.

Kicking of with" C'mon".The track is lead by its cool vocal vocal sample, nice cushioned claps, making nice motions, wiggles with the hips... stays on the cool side.

"Take Control" takes up on the spirit of "C'mon" and that is good because you cannot hear enough of that dope soulful stuff. "Feeling Good "starts ilk a train engine, great muffled shakers, cool sequences, ghostly atmosphere and a cool cool organ break with psychedelic vocals!

Remixes come from Darlyn Vlys and Nick Olivetti. Daryl has transformed "Feeling Good" into a dead cool groover with the vocals.

Nick Olivetti interprets  "Feeling Good" in a surreal way with quirky baselines and a gospel organ playing along..all cool and easy .This is a burner for sure!

Release date: 27th February 2012

1. C'mon

2. Take Control

3. Feeling Good

4. Feeling Good
(Darlyn Vlys Remix)

5. Feeling Good
(Nick Olivetti Remix)

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