Trapez Ltd 112 - Hermanez - Fase 30

Hermanez opens up with "Faze 30" a hell of a programmed track with many details and modern sound design that gets its drive from a dead cool swing - groove.
There is one thing you realize right away… this track never sleeps, this track is as lively as a complex organism! And if you think you have heard all of it Hermanez pulls another rabbit out of the hood .the man is on fire!

"Its Been A Long Time" is track two on this release and it instantly reminds us of the cool Chicago Dance Mania records we used to spin in the mid of the 90ies: Paul Johnson, DJ Funk, Lil Louis, DJ Rush, Vincent Floy, 3.2.6., Robert Armani, Tim Harper, Parris Mitchell, DJ Deon, Jammin Gerald, Drewsky, DJ Milton, Tyree... sure... easy… cool as ice and funky as hell. This is a funk-tapeworm!

"Festival" is also a groove monster... pumping... autobahn kind of track, nothing but empty roads… ahead… this is a blue track for the heart and the soul and the knees and hips to wiggle… what else can wiggle?

Release date: 7th May 2012

1. Fase 30

2. It's Been A Long Time

3. Festival

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