Trapez Ltd 113 - Noah Pred - Ghostlisting

With Noah Pred, we welcome a Canadian producer, who has had residencies in Vancouver, Montreal and in Toronto, who has released on Highgrade, Cynosure, Regular, Siteholder and who who recently moved to Berlin.
With our Noah Pred release we make a slight excursion into a region of jacking techno that goes towards what we did with Jeff Samuel in the past.
Cool rhythmic trax with a great feeling for funk, occasional outbreaks of sounds and melodies… the good stuff! This exactly accounts for "Guardrails" the opening track of a full release from Noah Pred.
Call "Guardrails" a ghostly track and you end up with the track "Ghostlisting" on position 3.
Whatever you make of "Guardrails" words like: funk, bouncy basslines and spurts of joyous chords/sounds… these are the keywords that describe a track like this which unfolds when it is played out loud.
"13th Floor" has a more direct beat going directly from the very beginning but even
tually becomes more laid back with sounds spooky and haunting. A lot of cool understatement that comes in a stripped down form of funk. "Ghostlisting" incorporates more than the other tracks the theme of the release and develops in its course a kind or morse-code sequence that communicates with the people that need not much more than a fine sequence, a good baseline and a cool clap. Essentially good and courageous!
For a remixers Noah has chosen the US producer Billy Dallessandro and Canadian artist Arthur Oskan. Billy Dallessandro means a lot to people who are in the scene for as long as we are. His tracks for Force Inc and Force Trax are  legendary. So you can be sure he won't let us down with something mediocre. So what you get here is a fine blend of bassline driven and chord powered music with a American handwriting. This is certainly music for the ones that "know".
The second remix comes by Canadian producer Arthur Oskan who has released for some fine labels like Puzzlebox and lately for Beretta Grey. We meet in Detroit when we did a showcase there. Arthur’s remix has a genuine strong pounding techno feeling to it and certainly is not for the weak.

Release date: 11th June 2012

1. Guardrails

2. 13th Floor

3. Ghostlisting

3. Ghostlisting
(Billy Dalessandro Remix)

3. Guardrails
(Arthur Oskan Remix)

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