Trapez Ltd 114 - Sascha Sonido - What We Need

Sascha Sonido with his follow up release on Trapez ltd, showing once again a fine blend of jacking house and techno vibes.
Sascha has the party going with "What We Need" with vocals and delay loops toppling over in a cool chaotic and controlled way and a mega fat basselines that tears up the dance floor.
The remix from Lorenzo Bartoletti keeps things very cool and funky, knows when to make the important turn and throws in a mighty panoramic bassline that creates a good mood, puts a smile on people faces... a giant and a midget all in one… a dead cool track.
"Kampala" has the funk and the dry sound of dry windshield wipers in coalition with big deep vocals and a drive that can compete with the strongest in this respect.
Sascha shows he has guts when in the best moment of the track he just switches it off... to establish a nasty static sounding frequency… that ends just in the right moment to make the big transition into the funk drenched track called "Kampala" .
Try to top this!
We finish off the release with a remix of "Kampala" from Andre Butano & Demian Muller.
Andre lives in Santiago Chile and  has released actual outputs on Brise and Monza Ibiza among many others. Damian Muller has recorded on Cadenza together with Dani Casarano and Felipe Valenzuela. They have shifted the track in a much deeper direction, it has that soft muffin like bass-kickdrum configuration which is a massive element and argument to play this tune.
Apart from this the repetitive loop and sexy sounds in the background create a "great" ghostlike after house feel.

Release date: 18th June 2012

1. What We Need

2. What We Need
(Lorenzo Bartoletti remix)

3. Kampala

4. Kampala
(Andre Butano & Demian Muller Remix)

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