Trapez Ltd 115 - Arjun Vagale - Random Eye Movement EP

This 4 track EP starts where Arjun Vagale’s last release in Trapez ltd ended... with a mega big bassline, a funky programmed groove that puts life in to every club environment.

The title track "Random Eye Movement" dos exactly this and has a breathtaking hypnotic character which we are very fond of.

It is followed by two remixes of his fantastic track "Danger Mouse".

Ronan Portela has the groove as always put into action by funky rhythms that carry us away and Pawas does a wonderful dreamy remix that almost comes close to Traum music.

Last but not least Arjun adds with "Terrakoz" a fantastic jazzy and tracky beat which is fed by short stabs of vocals and background sounds.

With Arjun all is turning round and round... lets jump on the disco bus!

Release date: July 2012

1. Random Eye Movement

2. Danger Mouse
(Ronan Portela remix)

3. Danger Mouse
(Pawas remix)

4. Terrakoz

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