Trapez Ltd 117 - Miguel Bastida - Molecules EP

The young Spanish artist Miguel Bastida has all the skills to become a great producer.

His production is a sure delight and all is aimed at the dance floor with the precision of an electronic blacksmith.

  "Granos De Arena" is a jumpy funky affair with a bassline as massive as the wire of a suspension bridge.

Its percussion is as sleazy and liquid as the percussion of the famous Robotman on Definitive a long time ago, one of the great Traum favourites in terms of groove programming. "Granos De Arena" is elegant but at the same time impressively hefty.

  "Katum" is equally genius when it come to hi-end recording plus production but goes style wise slightly more into the direction of classic house music by using snippets of looped vocals. Great pace, great overview in terms of the development of the arrangement.

  "Molecules" is a bit more of a raw and roughed up track feeling wise, certainly not recording wise, since this one is also high class.

For the DJs who prefer the melodic parts restricted to the breaks, we have added an alternative (Melodic Interpretation) mix of "Molecules".

1. Granos De Arena

2. Katum

3. Molecules

4. Molecules
(Melodic Interpretation)

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