Trapez Ltd 120 - Detlef - Pame EP

Detlef aka Alexander Georgiadis has been on fire lately with releases for our friend Mihalis Safras and on Steve Lawler’s label Viva.
Detlef’s release with Trapez ltd carries the raw and edgy music Trapez ltd has always been involved with since it’s beginning in 2004.
"Next One" has a wonderful groove and has somehow a Dadaistic feel to it, if you remember the advanced programming by some of the best people around at the beginning of new school house in 2000, you get an idea… making a nice cross over into electronics and craziness that will have the people going mad on the floor.
"Antere"  is super cool and hot stuff, pumps a collective feel in to a party so it is just cosy and full of life. This is modern disco at its best without any cheap thrills.
The dub version of "Pame" is steady and deep. It will be be interesting for djs who like a more hypnotic approach!
Release date: 7th January 2012

1. Next One

2. Antere

3. Pame (Dub)

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