Trapez Ltd 121 - German Brigante - Upa Upa EP

The Spanish producer Germán Brigante is an upcoming artist who works with our artist Mihalis Safras and other Trapez ltd artists such as Darlyn Vlys and Samuel Den, so we are strengthening bonds here.
Germán Bigante’s first track "Slatex" is a slacker in it’s own territory.
A track determined by sensual vocals, short stabs of synth sounds that remind us of Metro Area..., all stripped down, creating a certain kind of unique funk that is for sure cool and interesting for all the tastemakers among the DJs and journalists.
We cannot refrain from saying that this track might be exercised or influenced in the tradition of our artist Jeff Samuel...  except for the vocals and the "dark" passages that strive directly for the night.
"Upa Upa" is the second original track here and directly starts with that dry and wonderfully stripped down arrangement. Cool claps and an organ-sound that sucks you into the track are enough to enjoy a merry go round. Also this track is a great masterpiece of new house music, working in the tradition of the Chicago originators but uses modern sounds, glitchy and edgy outlines to give it that rough house feeling.
The first remix comes from Miguel Bastida, who is familiar with our releases will know his release for Trapez ltd not long ago. Miguel is for sure a musician who can produce and create the mighty sound that will really go down well in the club and we are happy he has put his hands on "Upa Upa".
Hollen has remixed "Upa Upa" into an energetic dance floor churner with a nice epic side to it as so craftily expressed in the break. This will be a DJ weapon for sure.
  Moritz Ochsenbauer delivers after his solo debut EP on Trapez ltd this year a remix for German Brigante’s track "Slatex". Moritz Ochsenbauer a multifaced artist working a cook… writing in fact  his first cook- book, at night he DJs at after-hours clubs and when there is time left…. you find him in the studio recording music. Enjoy his funky, bass heavy polyrhythmic traxxter.
Release date: 11th February 2013

1. Slatex

2. Upa Upa

3. Upa Upa
(Miguel Bastida remix)

4. Upa Upa
(Hollen remix)

5. Upa Upa
(Moritz Ochsenbauer remix)

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