Trapez Ltd 123 - Jose M. & TacoMan - Kick The Warehouse EP

The Colombian duo Jose M. & TacoMan have recorded on top labels like Material, Area Remote and Sphera Records and have written three tracks for Trapez ltd now.

"What Are You Watching" is a tricky traxter with a cool swing programming to keep you happy on your feet and moving.

This is very much a beat track but has an outstanding groove that makes it so special. Raw and streetwise it makes sure things are always going fine. One of these tracks that are loose and tight at the same time. A perfect alliance.

"Warehouse" seems at first less funky but convinces with an hypnotic aspect and a congenial feeling to it.

"Kick This" is similar to "What Are You Watching" a strong groover with sounds in the background and a catchy vocal line.

All three tracks are cool and perfect for groove addicts.

Release date: 8th April 2013

1. What Are You Watching

2. Warehouse

3. Kick This

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