Trapez Ltd 125 - Pavel Petrov - Low Pressure

Pavel Petrov is no newcomer to the scene.
He has released on some of the best and big awarded records labels of Bulgaria. His tracks have made it into the charts of Maya Jane Coles, Cats n Dogs, Nina Kravits, Maceo Plex and many more.
So expect his electronic soul also to take possession with these three brand new tracks.
The EP kicks off with "Low Pressure", a slack hell of a groover that shows occasional eruptive sounds ripping the cloudy sky open. Vocals dip in and out adding an extra meta-rhythm level.
"Out" starts with a sequenced sound that drills though beats, and squadrons of twisted fx sounds and surfacing gentle sci-fi soundtrack sounds… still keeps a cool steady jacking groove going throughout the track.
Its fluffy fantastic side makes that gentle  nice mood possible.
"Fabulous" has been produced by Pavel Petrov together with Blagov and has that "ghost-train beat" going through suburban isolated and deserted places.
This track is as slack as a piece of mango peel walking the street. "Fabulous" you can drop in a set and slowly pull in the dancers and people from the bar to the dance floor.

Release date: 10th June 2013

1. Low Pressure
(Pavel Petrov)

2. Out!
(Pavel Petrov)

3. Fabulous feat. Kris
(Pavel Petrov and Blagov)

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