Trapez Ltd 126 - Hermanez - Ready For You EP

Hermanez is back on Trapez ltd with some chunky Techno house traxxters.

"Ready for you" is a soulful & jazzy and for hure funky "dispersion" of beats and samples and modern FX treatments, making it a true Hermanez release.

This track is as lively as Manhatten's "Times Square", and as down to earth as putting popcorn in your mouth..a fine blend of music we would say.

"Check one two three" is no soundcheck but a great epic build up of a track …. that gets you in the waiting line and then step by step makes waiting an "event" by adding elements , getting really soulful and sweaty! Hermanez is on fire with this track for sure.You need courage and guts to do what he did with this track!

The title of the third track, "Aktivism" can only be understood as a pun on these other tracks because these carry more life in them then most other things.

"Aktivizm" - and that has to be said is another great track..a track that draws you in and lets you drop for an inch before it throws you back in.. so it is a jamming track with a lot of live-feeling... you cannot ask for more. The organ sounds he drops in at around 3 minutes are just great.

If you like Omar S listen to this track.

Release date: June 2013  

1. Ready For You

2. Check One Two

3. Aktivizm

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