Trapez ltd 127 - Oscar Barila & Sergio Parrado - Abbie Cat

We have been in contact with Oscar Barila for quite a while so we were happy when we were able to sign him and his friend Sergio Parrado to Trapez ltd.
The release kicks off with "Abbie Cat" which is a cool groover but even more so a soulful experience when the vocal kicks in.
The track is a very good piece of music, it offers a great arrangement, cool wild pitch sounds you have not heard for a long time and the before mentioned vocals. We must say the vocals really made it for us, we could not resist and had to release this track instantly.

"Les Enfants" is a heavy bassline driven track with nice melodies whirling around all played with a human touch and some acoustic footage of children on a playground. The samples are very well selected you can see Oscar and Sergio are true taste makers!

The last track "Redemption" is a heavy stomping track, if you dance to it it might leave footmarks in the warm pavement, so beware this track is highly seductive and will not leave you for at least a week.

Release date: 9th September 2013

1. Abbie Cat

2. Les Enfants

3. Redemption

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