Trapez ltd 128 - Nick Olivetti - The Whistler EP

Nick Olivetti has released before on Trapez ltd but this is by far his most "booty call" inspired EP.
The opening track "The Whistler" is a heavy bold 808 track. It is packed with shouts, screams and breaks… and respectively full of "heavy stunts" which will turn the clubber upside down.

"Drop The Shhhh" is a track with break-beat and old school vintage samples, we have not heard since 12 years, to conquer the track and make it a passionate love affair with the music from the past.

"8bit Delivery" is a mule of a traxter, heavy seductive on the baseline side… baselines that keep moving below your feet like a magic carpet… an oriental break with pitched up noises follows and a male voice says: "did you know I change my name to Susan?"… all of that is already a trademark with the "madman" Nick Olivetti.

"Real Jerk" starts with a mechanical knocking on your door... like only Robocop is capable of! The sample "he is a real jerk" creates an atmosphere of disintegration and anxiety… as if an UFO has landed in the bedroom.
This unfocussed and intimidating track is a real bummer on this EP. Keep away because it leaves stains on your skin or just dance them off.

Release date: 07. October 2013


1. The Whistler

2. Drop The Shhhh

3. 8bit Delivery

4. Real Jerk

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