Trapez ltd 129 - Just A Mood - Sunday Morning Question

Just A Mood are Pietro Genuino and Alberto Viotti, two young producers from Turin.
They have their own event called "TrustMe" which hosted artists such as Derrick Carter, Kyle Hall, Motor City Drum Ensemble and more. For Trapez ltd they have written three dramatic tales with the machine driven funk of motor city techno combined with the introspective melancholic soul of early and raw Chicago & Detroit techno/house, for us a combination that continually proves irresistible.

Just A Mood open up their EP with the track "Sunday". An uncooked piece of music which directly from the start formulates their fascination for simplicity in composition and its sexiness. We don’t know if Just A Mood have taken influences from icons such as Daniel Bell or Baby Ford but their down to earth appeal rooted in funky drum patters directly puts them close to these producers. There is a slight & beautiful "cosmic feeling" when manipulated vocals hover in and out over their hypnotic beats which gives the tracks the extra bit they need to breathe.

Their follow up track "Morning" picks up on beat driven funkiness but introduces levels of noise and FX sounds to create a stronger psychedelic form of deepness.
The track starts sort of harsh but makes its way into a hypnotic groove through Just A Mood’s sensitiveness and knowledge for deeper music.

They close their EP with "Question", a fine deep track that lives by on its bongo beat of programmed rhythm, keeping a low profile which in the course of the track proves to capture a intense spiritual feeling.

Release date: 11. November 2013


1. Sunday

2. Morning

3. Question

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