Trapez Ltd 130 - Moritz Ochsenbauer - Cruising

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A long time has passed since we released the last solo with Moritz Ochsenbauer, who has invested in a lot of hardware equippment to equip his sound with a stronger analogue feel.

Moritz has written with "Cruising" a 100% genuine sound. There are few sounds here you find on any of the tracks that are pumped out week after week!

So be prepared "Cruising" has a much stronger house impact and is more "minimal" related.

The opening track "Cruising" starts with monster claps and vocals right away, adding ghostly chords that mark a strong contrast to the mighty claps and baseline. The track works in a way early Detroit and Chicago music has in the past and brings together a rawness and soulfulness that you seldomly hear these days. But if you think of a vintage take you are mistaken…
Moritz recording is as massive as massive can be.

The second track "Therapy" was recorded together with David Floyd and develops the theme in a more musical way than Moritz has done with "Crusing". The track is super euphoric from the beginning and passion springs from the splendid chords and vocal passages (sounding a bit like SEAL) that create a lot of soulful friction along the line.

The last track "Sleeve" could stem from such a legend as Detroit's "prince of darkness" Blake Baxter, as if he was recording music in the style he did on Mixed records Detroit.
"Sleeve" is a true masterpiece... for all of you who seek the light at night.

Release date: 09. December 2013


1. Cruising

2. Therapy
(Moritz Ochsenbauer & David Floyd)

3. Sleeve

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